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Passion for Agro-Food Industry. - Passion for Lean.

Where Lean4Food stands for:

  • the firm belief that the use of the lean philosophy and lean techniques in food lead to visible and lasting results in terms of lead time optimization, cost reduction and quality improvement.
  • guidance and to-the-point quality advice and support, calculated on the basis of facts and figures, achievable and affordable.
  • the confidence in people as success factors. Your employees will be involved in the introduction of lean capabilities and applications in the workplace, according to their rhythm and achievable time investment. They gain insights and knowledge of these techniques from the front row, have incentive to initiate and realize self-improvement projects and learn to critically look at existing business processes and make creative solutions.


Where Lean4Food goes for:

  • Practice-oriented Lean training
  • Lean transition management, coaching and mentoring
  • Lean plant layout & relayout
  • Operational master planning & policy deployment
  • Optimizing Trajectories of your process performance / cost
  • Investment analysis
  • Project management